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Vanessa’s multifaceted contralto mezzo-soprano voice goes right under your skin and is rated as a jewel in the music scene. That Vanessa has the gift of moving people and enthusing her audience, has been recognized in her early teens. Since the age of 15 the artist is writing and composing her own songs and expresses her vocal variety live on stage as well as at the recording studio. The singer can look back to numerous music productions, own publications and Europe wide performances on large stages with well-known artists.

Vanessas first album “Syl”

At the young age of 15 years, Vanessa has been discovered by two producers out of her hometown and could therefore set her creativity free. In 2005 her first album “Syl” has finally been released under an independent label. The album has been produced in Take One-Studio Freiburg, where amongst others the famous Rockband “Reamonn” has produced their first records, therefor some of Vanessa’s songs were supported by Reamonn’s bass player, Philipp Rauenbusch.


On stage at an early age

Not only at the studio the young singer could self-actualize, she found her way to the stage at an early age as well and felt attracted by the spotlight very rapidly. “When I’m singing on stage, I get the chance to share my emotions with the audience and so am able to touch many people at the same time. That is a very fulfilling gift.” Already at her very first performances at the age of 13 and 14, Vanessa received a lot of positive response.

Becoming a real professional

The half-Sicilian has always been aware of the fact that she would find her fulfillment in music and nowhere else. To be successful with music and to be able to make a living from it, you have to bring up a lot of time and commitment, witch in 2009 finally moved Vanessa to deal with music on professional level. It was and is a stony path. At the beginning the talented artist had to deal with hard, long shows for small fees. The moral support of her family has always been present, however she had to fend for herself from the beginning. “It is the best school to just go on stage and learn by doing. To eat a little dirt is simply part of it at the beginning.” With her managers, J. Haas, support and a strong will, within a couple of years she managed to earn her living with her talent. Already in the second year the singer entered the Musical stage and established her business very quickly in southern Germany extending to European-wide performances. Numerous shows in great Locations and Concert Halls like, amongst others “Alte Oper” Frankfurt, Concert Hall Freiburg or Fürth, Petroff Palace in Moscow, Fira Congress Center Barcelona, “Admiralspalast” Berlin, “Kursaal” Ostende, Casino Do Estori in Lissaon and several Concert Halls with well-known musicians and artist like for example Eric Conley (lead singer and founder of The Barry White Experience), Sir Waldo Weathers (Saxophonist of the original James Brown Band) or Drummer David Haynes (has toured with Chaka Khan, Percy Sledge, Gary Thomas, Mary J. Blige, Joy Denelane, Prince and many more), do now belong to Vanessa’s everyday life.


Vanessas second album “Da Famous”

In parallel to her live performances in the field of party and cover bands, since 2007 the singer has been working on her second album with an US songwriter and producer out of Berlin. In 2012 the album has been completed and finished, however it never came to a record deal. The producer could not identify himself with the idea of releasing the album independently and so it has never been released.


Vanessas Live Party Band (VIB)

In the year 2012 Vanessa founded her own band “Vanessa Iraci & Band” (VIB). With full power and passion they presented Vanessa’s songs live on stage. The debut concert has taken place in March of the same year at the SWR Studio Freiburg with support by SWR. Meanwhile Vanessas band is booked for different events. If at city festivals, open airs, corporate events or private parties, the VIB knows how to rock their audience with their impressive show program of current hits and the best classics in Soul, RnB, Pop, Rock and Funk Music.


The Voice of Switzerland 2014

Though she might have never been a real fan of TV-Casting-Shows, Vanessa decided to take part in the TV Show “The Voice of Switzerland” in 2014 and sang her way into the hearts of public and all four coaches, Stefanie Heinzmann, Marc Sway, Philipp Fankhauser and Stress. Starting with a “full-house” at the blind auditions the singer reached the semifinal.


Vanessas third album/EP “Feel Good”

Right after her exit from the show, Vanessa started planning on her new album. In September 2014 her single “Feel Good” has been released online and presented at Vanessas live gigs. The attendant EP “Feel Good EP”, including 4 other songs and a total of 7 tracks, has been completed by the end of 2014 and released and placed at all online stores like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play as well as Spotify and others under an independent label in January 2015.


“Streetsymphony” Single 2015

In summer 2015 the singer recorded a single with the DJ B-Phisto. “Streetsymphony” has been released in all online stores and streaming platforms shortly afterwards.


Vanessas fourth album/EP “Moment”

In the beginning of 2016 Vanessa recorded the EP “Moment”. For the very first time the singer is writing and singing in her mother tongue German. In spring 2016 the EP by the duo “Vanessa & Raphael”, produced by producer Sergio Barone (D-Funk Music) was released and placed at all online stores and streaming platforms. With the songs „Jetzt und Hier“ (Here and now), „Genau so“ (Just like that), „Bis die Sterne vergehn“ (Till the stars dissapear), „Selfies“, „Sehnsucht“ (Longing), and „Moment“, the artists want to motivate their audience to wake up and live their lives. Because every moment counts.


The Voice of Germany 2016

To attract more attention for her music, for the second time the artist steps in front of the TV camera of the format “The Voice”, this time in her home country Germany. At the same time of the release of “Moment” Vanessa was spotted by a talent scout for “The Voice of Germany” and got invited for the Blind Auditions. “I had to consider this very thoroughly and decided to take that step in the end, because the show offers me a huge audience and the possibility to reach much more people with my music. With music you can really affect and change the world and we all need music. I want to show that I, too, am there for the people with my music.”


Sensation Single and Music Video

In collaboration with DJ B-Phisto, who can count a vew million clicks on his Youtube videos, by the end of 2016 Vanessa writes the song „Sensation“. With featured rapper Kelesio from Las Vegas the Song is becoming an international project. In summer of 2017 the two record the music video for the single. The single and the video have been released in December 2017.

2018 has many projects and releases in store for Vanessas fans and it remains exciting about the ambitioned artist!


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The Voice of Germany
Ich Schänk dir es Lied SRF Schweiz
Stars of Sounds Festival Aarberg, Schweiz
Magirus Award Show
The Voice of Switzerland
Rimpelrock Festival Hasselt, Belgium
Krone Festival Linz, Austria
The Barry White Experience, Live Orchestra
Miss Germany Wahl – Live Concert





Vanessa on TV and Radio:

SRF CH TV, Pro7, Sat.1, RNF Fernsehen, SWR TV and FM, ARD TV, TV Limburg Belgium, Joiz TV Zürich CH, TV Südbaden, Radio Regenbogen, Baden fm, Hit Radio Ohr



Soul, RnB, Pop Music


Sensation (Single), Release 2017
Moment (EP), Release 2016
Street Symphony (Single), Release 2015
Fee Good (EP), Release 2015
Feel Good (Single), Release 2014
Around the world and back (Feature), Release 2014
The Miracle (Music Video) Release 2013
If I could turn back the time (Music Video) Release 2013
Da Famous (Album), 2012
The night is mine (Feature), Release 2011
Can’t let go (Remix), Release 2010
Syl (Album), Release 2010




Conrad Dietrich Magirus Preis 2015 Foto: Marcus Schlaf, 22.01.2016


Alte Oper Frankfurt, Germany; Petroff Palace Moscow, Russia; Bodensee Arena Kreuzingen, Switzerland; Europapark Rust, Germany; Stadthalle Wien, Austria; Kleine Olympiahalle München, Germany; Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, Germany; Capitol Theater Düsseldorf, Germany; Stadthalle CCH Hamburg, Fürth, Hagen, Germany; Stadthalle Wien, Austria; Amphitheater München; Fira Congress Center Barcelona, Spain; Bierhübeli Bern, Switzerland; Porsche Entwicklungszentrum, Germany; Palace Baku, Aserbaidschan; IFA Berlin, Messe Berlin, Germany; Ferero Sardinien, Italy